Shen Dao Clinic Coffs Harbour
Address: 12 Hill Street
  Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Phone: (02) 6651 1549 
Contact: Donne Bloemhard, Stephen Cooke

Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Other times by appointment

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Shen Dao Clinic of Chinese Medicine

Shen Dao Clinic Coffs Harbour Donne Bloemhard at Shen Dao Clinic has been practising as an Acupuncturist and Naturopath in Coffs Harbour for the last 22 years. Using the Vegatest as a diagnostic tool and with the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years, Donne is adept at not only detecting the cause of his patients’ disease but also at prescribing the medicines required for them to gain good health.

Shen Dao Clinic of Chinese Medicine in Coffs Harbour can now also provide Bioresonance Therapy. Bioresonance therapy belongs to the category of empiric medicine such as homeopathy, Coffs Harbour Acupunctureacupuncture and other healing methods.

BIOCOM Bioresonance is a special diagnostic and therapy procedure which has paved the way for a whole new approach to medicine based on the latest findings in quantum mechanics and biophysics.

This treatment is ideal for the treatment of food allergies, stop smoking therapy and weight loss.

Donne Bloemhard - Coffs Harbour NaturopathShen Dao Clinic also welcomew Stephen Cooke who is a qualified naturopath specialising in Allergy/Sensitivity Testing and Remedial Massage, and Johanna Chelman a fully qualified Bioresonance Practitioner with over 17 years experience in the medical field.

Johanna Chelman is a fully qualified Bioresonance Practictioner, and registered nurse with over 17 years experience in the medical field. Johanna personally found that bioresonance therapy was the most effective treatment for her own family’s health problems. All this Johanna Chelmanenables her to offer you a truly integrated approach to health and wellness.

For all your natural health services, see Shen Dao Clinic in Coffs Harbour.

Products and Services

  • Allergy Testing using the Vegatest – The Vegatest is a device which registers the energy of the body when subjected to various food substances and environmental stressors. It can measure the energy output of the individual organs and it can also determine if the body is under viral, Shen Dao Clinic Coffs Harbourfungal or bacterial infections. Go to
  • Naturopathy – Helps in treatment of conditions such as IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Sinus, Digestive Disorders, etc.
  • Biopuncture(Biomesotherapy) – Neural therapy for the
    relief of pain and accellerated recovery from sports injuries.  Go to
  • Accupuncture & TCM – both Traditional Chinese and Laser Acupuncture (AHPRA registered)
  • BICOM Treatment – Bioresonance Therapy. Go to
  • Homoeopathy – Psychosomatic Energetic Remedies – Sometimes deeply hidden emotional conflicts are the underlying (psychosomatic) cause of many symptoms and disorders. This conflict affects all four energy levels in the patient (physical, emotional, mental and causal levels). Go to
  • Detox Foot Bath – assists to purge heavy metals from your body. Go to
  • Wrinkle Treatment – completely natural and lasts longer than Botox. Go to Guna special cosmetics and Made Omeo wrinkle homeopathic remedies. Go to
  • One and two person saunas to help eliminate toxins and heavy metals
  • Weight Loss Programme (Rapid Fat Metabolism)